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Elevate your online presence with a few simple clicks. Craft a fully designed website featuring compelling content, eye-catching images, and a convenient contact form in under a minute using the power of AI.

Customize your site with ease. User-friendly editor empowers you to modify images, upload pictures straight from your phone, text, and colours and add new content unlimitedly - all you need in your one-page website.

Claim your free domain and experience our platform with a 15-day trial at no cost. Well-structured, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and online from the moment you decide just with a few clicks.


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Business Plan Features

  1. Unlimited pages and AI-powered page creation
  2. Unlimited website visitors/month
  3. Unlimited storage
  4. Custom domain name
  5. AI-powered Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. Lightning-Fast website loading speed
  7. Responsive and mobile-ready website
  8. Easy-to-use website editing tools and stock images
  9. Website Hosting
  10. Secure SSL certificate included
  11. 15 days free trial

Upgrade your online presence today.

It takes seconds to see the results!

Business+ Plan Features

  1. Includes all from the Business Plan
  2. Advanced page editor
  3. Email support

Enterprise Plan Features

  1. Includes all from Business Plan
  2. Unlimited number of sites
  3. Dedicated support
  4. Isolated Environments / Dedicated tenant

Business Plan (Annual)

Only 9.99 / mo

Save 18% annually

Business+ Plan (Annual)

Only 12.00 / mo

Enterprise Plan

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Business Plan (Monthly)

11.99 / mo

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Generate your website now

At DIY Websites AI, we offer a unique and innovative platform that allows businesses to create stunning websites in a matter of seconds. Our AI-powered technology generates complete websites, including images and content, saving you time and effort. Our friendly editor lets you customize your website to match your brand's style. We provide a free domain and a 15-day trial to ensure you can try our services risk-free. Experience the convenience and speed of our AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered website creator and get your business online today.

We believe a good online presence should be accessible to every business

DIY Websites AI is a revolutionary platform that aims to simplify the website creation process. Our AI technology eliminates the need for coding or design skills, allowing anyone to create a professional website in seconds. Whether you're a small business owner, entrepreneur, or self-employer, DIY Websites AI provides you with the tools and resources to establish your online presence effortlessly. With our customizable editor and free domain offering, you can easily showcase your products, services, and ideas to a global audience. Start building your website with DIY Websites AI and unlock endless opportunities online.

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Generate your website in seconds

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a custom domain. Can I use it with DIY Websites?

Absolutely. There are instructions on how to link your existing domain once you sign up. If you need further assistance, we are happy to help.

How many sites can I make with my account?

You can create unlimited websites with one DIY Websites account. Note that there is a plan charge for every additional website you publish.

A DIY website isn’t for me. How do I get a refund?

If you aren't satisfied with our services, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Contact to request a refund.

Can I have a discount?

Yes. If you plan to host a large number of websites, please get in touch with us, and we will offer you a discount.

Does your platform integrate with other website builders like WordPress?

No. Instead, replace those platforms! We strive to make it easier for you to maintain your website, so we take a different AI-driven approach to site and content creation to save businesses time while producing the same results, often even better.

Can I create an e-commerce store with DIY Websites?

No. Our focus is to provide best-in-class, great-looking, one-page business presentation websites.

Can AI (Artificial Intelligence) replace humans?

No. AI is a great assistant in saving businesses time while they can focus on more important stuff. We know that from our own experience in working for years with AI.

Can I adjust my website from my phone?

Yes. The editor is mobile-friendly; you can upload images, change text, and add more content from your mobile phone.

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